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How To Make Your Customers Come Back To You

Engagement is the magic word!

“If you build it,” the famous movie quote goes, “they will come.” But, if you own a small business and have added a mobile marketing campaign to your overall advertising strategy, then the more important thing to ask yourself is, “Will they come back?” If your customers see your advertising and aren’t engaged by it, not only will they not come back, but they won’t be enticed into buying your products or signing up for your services, either. So, how do you engage your customers? Here are some simple things to try.

  1. Giveaways – Offer your mobile visitors a freebie. This can be real-world things like cups or t-shirts or handy little kitchen gadgets, or virtual goodies, like a restaurant-finding app or a fun, new font.
  2. Contests – Contests increase customer engagement in two ways: they draw traffic and keep them checking back to see if they’ve won. Use a program like those offered by Rafflecopter to streamline your contest.
  3. Useful information – Offer your visitors valuable content like how-to’s, recipes, and answers to important everyday problems like how often to drain your water heater and where to find a reliable babysitter. When people find something of value, they will come back. And make sure you add new content on a regular basis. Your engagement quotient will fall every time someone checks in and only finds the same old thing they found the last time they checked.
  4. Hire professionals – Quality advertising is paramount. Your cousin Hector’s nephew may have been a computer wiz in high school, but that doesn’t put him on par with professional mobile advertising agencies. The best mobile advertising agencies can not only design your campaign, but can analyze its effectiveness by tracking who has viewed your ads and how those viewers responded. Did they actually buy something, for instance? Did they download an app? Or did they sign up for your email alerts?  If you’re searching for a national or local mobile advertising company, check out a reputable company such as Hipcricket.
  5. Ask their opinions – People like to feel as if they are being heard. If you have a Twitter feed for instance, don’t just use it to make announcements and offer coupons, ask your customer base relevant questions. Do they like the kind of merchandise you carry, for instance, or do they wish you offered more variety?  Are they happy with your customer service? And don’t limit topics to the purely commercial. If there are current events that have any connection to your business, bring them up.
  6. …and respond to them – No one likes to feel as if their thoughts and opinions have simply vanished into the ether. If you’ve asked for ideas and input, respond to it. If you have time, Tweet back to your individual customers. If not, make a broader response. Start a Tweet with “A customer recently asked …”  And use that Tweet to answer the question.
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Personal involvement is the key to engaging your customers. Give them value for the time they spend with you, and they will keep coming back.

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