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How to secure Your ATM transactions

Do you think that using ATM is not secure? Are you worried that your account could be hacked?

The chances of account hacking have increased enormously. Recent news focus hackers can find out your ATM pins and transfer money from your account. So, there are relentless efforts on part of banking service providers to ensure security to their customers’ accounts.

A little awareness on your part can also ensure safety of your account.


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There are few tips that will help you to protect your account from hackers:
Accessing your ATM account has become very easy. You can get details of your account in your mobile phone or through internet. Check the balance in your account regularly.

Keep trace of every expenditure that you have done from your account. You can detect fraudulent expenditures instantly.

Contact your bank to message you if any transaction is being performed from your account. If you see any discrepancies inform bank at that moment.

Banks also use numerous devices to control ATM hacking:
Banks are installing anti-skimmers to take action against ATM hacking. The devices trigger a silent alarm if any foreign object is mounted on ATM. So that thieves cannot access your card information.

PCI and PED Security requirements focus on protection of the cardholder’s PIN during financial transactions. PIN Entry Device (PED) security is already there for some time while Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security is comparatively new. PCI offers greater opportunity to device security requirements. It has been made mandatory in many countries only PCI complaint ATMs can be used

There are other tools also, that banks apply to make ATM transactions of their customers safe and hassle free.

Thus, you and your bank can work together to ensure maximum safety for your account. If operated attentively ATM is fastest and best way to avail any time cash.