Thursday, December 2, 2021
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How to test your website in the web browser

Websites have arrived as the most effective interactive thread that connects you across the globe. Whether you are a businessman or a common man having little knowledge about cyberspace, the web is the biggest platform you’d ever get. But do you how websites are created? It really doesn’t take hell lot of things to create one.

All you need is notepad and one browser to test whether your codes are running well. So how would you know that the website you have created after giving days of efforts is actually ready to get live on the net? At first you would have to alter the file which contains the links and texts to an HTML extension name.

Yes, remember that your web page when typed in a notepad should be changed to HTML. This way you let the browsers realize that the documents are all set to produce a web page. Since the file contains all HTML contents the browser reads the tags and displays it the way you wish to see it over the net. If you have to come up with WAP site, you can call up a mobile website designer and get the job done.


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