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How will quantum computing change the world?

How will quantum computing change the world?

Article by : Shradha Singh · Data Scientist at Accenture India (2017–present)

A million-dollar question, if any!

Quantum computing or quantum computers are expected to disrupt the world. And you would be able to see the change in the manner we conduct businesses, the way we manage the security to protect our data, or the way our medical teams fight diseases and invent new materials. It would also change the way we try to solve health issues and climate problems in the world.

Now to understand how would they do this, you would have to first understand that –

Quantum computing in simplest terms is an area of computing, which focuses on developing a computer technology based on quantum theory’s principles. A theory that explains the behavior of energy and material on both atomic and subatomic levels.

So while the ‘bits’ of your traditional computers could exist only in the value of ‘0 or 1’, quantum computers could be either or both simultaneously. No doubt they promise hugely exceptional processing speeds. A necessity when simulating molecular-level quantum mechanics.

In addition, quantum computers would speed up the learning process of AI that would further help in reducing thousands of years of learning to mere seconds.

Quantum computing could change the world by –

  • Transforming the world of medicine
  • Breaking the encryption
  • Revolutionizing communications and artificial intelligence.

These are just a list of what quantum computing could do, however, here are few ways quantum computing would change the world. While some of the changes brought by quantum computing could be positive, some of them could be negative. Now without a further ado, let’s see how quantum computing would change the world –

Looking at the impact, quantum computing would have on various industries like

  • Financial Services: The opportunities with quantum computing in financial services would include portfolio risk optimization and fraud detection.
  • Healthcare: Quantum computing could replace some of the traditional techniques used for protein folding and drug discovery.
  • Manufacturing: Quantum computing would change the way supply chain and purchasing are managed in the industry.
  • Media and Technology: The world would witness the change in the media and technology in the way advertisements are scheduled and the revenues from advertisement revenues maximized.

Further here are some more ways quantum computing would change the world.

  • Online Security: Quantum computing could spell both good and bad news for online security. Bad – our current security systems would become obsolete. The good part is that a significant amount of work is in progress to develop quantum encryption methods.
  • Improve weather forecasting and climate change predictions: Even with all the predictions, there are times when you do get caught in a bad weather only because the prediction was not accurate. But with quantum computing that would not be the case.
  • Traffic control: Quantum computers would help us in streamlining both air and ground traffic. They would be able to calculate the optimal routes thus allowing for efficient rescheduling and averting traffic congestions.
  • Find solutions at one go: With quantum computers you would be able to solve the problem at one go and not in bits and pieces as was the case with your traditional computers.

These are just a few ways quantum computing would change the world. I hope I have answered your question to your utmost satisfaction.