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HTC and Windows Join To Give Nokia A Tough Competition

Earlier it was Android and now it is Windows. For a while, we have linking Microsoft Windows to Nokia Lumia. The latest arrival of HTC One M8 (I am not talking about the Android version) that has broken our tendency to pair Windows phones with Nokia. The now Windows phone of HTC – the One , is a thoughtful and well constructed phone that comes with fantastic features inside-out.

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Indeed, the new HTC phone is the one.  If you are planning to buy, a Windows platform based phone and want to have something close to Apple, considering HTC M8 can be a great decision. It is not a disappointment.

HTC Promises Not To Be a Disappointment

  • What Is Special About Its Hardware?

When you look at both the Windows and Android counterparts, you would not find much difference. You would definitely find its silvery metallic body to be a sharp contrast to the candy colored plastic body of the Nokia Lumia series. Apart from that, the dimensions are identical for both of them.

The new HTC One comes with the same premium design and other features like HTC BlinkFeed, Sound Boom stereo speakers, Duo Camera along with Ultra Pixel technology. It has a wide-angle front-facing camera of 5 MP, system support for the HTC Dot View case, a tap-to-unlock and a power button with IR transmitter.

The One (M8) for Windows comes with an internal storage of 32 GB. This is quite different from the 16 or 32 GB that HTC has for its Android version.

As regards the HTC enhancements, the model has an infrared remote control feature with easy setup.

The user can enjoy using the infrared port in hotel rooms or at home instead of hunting around for a remote.

You can get to know what is powering this new phone with just one look on its rear faceplate. The logo of Windows phone and Verizon, its exclusive carrier is etched on it.

  •  How different is its Software?

While you may not find any difference outside, you will see a difference upon switching the power button on. Here, you will be greeted with Windows Phone 8.1 and not the Sense interface powered by Android.

The HTC M8 runs on Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. This is unusual, as Microsoft does not sell a device to customers with a Beta update.  The latest update has support for innovations like Start Screen, Apps Corner for sandboxed mode, Live Tiles, Cortona, etc.  Cortona makes her first debut with HTC in this phone. From picking sushi to setting of calendar appointments, this personal digital assistant of Microsoft helps to remind of your daily appointments and tasks.

If you have already bought the phone, then you must have noticed that there are no capacitive buttons located at the bottom of the screen.   Swipe up if you want the Start and the search icons. You can hide these icons by simply tapping the small arrow in the down left side of the screen.

A major feature of the Windows One (M8) is the BlinkFeed. It comes in the form of a live tile and an app.  Tap it to open.  There is support service for Instagram. However, Google+ is a real shocker.

There are some apps included from Verizon too. However, you can uninstall them like any carrier apps in Windows Phone devices.

  •  Due Camera to Take You by Surprise

The duo camera integration system will take you by surprise.  Identical to the Android One (M8), it has a front camera of 5 MP and an Ultra Pixel camera at the back.  The second camera comes in Litro style, with the ability to add depth and to refocus a shot after it has been taken.

You can get your life experiences captured and highlighted with music, transition or effects. A big disappointment was that Windows phone does not support a Zoe beta service. Most of us simply click a picture and share them on social sites. Therefore, for that an Ultra Pixel camera serves your needs.

Own the One Windows (M8)

If you want to get a Windows HTC M8 for yourself, you can purchase it from Verizon. You can get it for $599.99.

The One Lingering Question

After reading this review, some of us are left wondering about one simple question. What is next? Will other Smartphone manufacturers follow the same route as HTC?  For now, we do not have any exact answer to this. However, what I know for now is that there will be plenty of competitors for HTC this September. Apple is already ready with its new iPhone 6. So is Motorola with its new X series and Samsung with new galaxy Note. Nevertheless, what was interesting is that HTC’s new experiment of porting an existing hardware to Windows Phone was indeed a head turner.


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