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How An Ideal Influencer Marketing Proposal Should Look Like

How An Ideal Influencer Marketing Proposal Should Look Like

 If you are a brand or an influencer, you must know how important your approach is while communicating about collaboration. Sometimes people lack the ideal tonality which needs to be followed to get your job done. If you proceed without prior research, you may end up in a messy conversation, which is nothing but a waste of time.

If you are a brand, you must know what type of influencer you are going to work with, how popular or big that person is, and how well he/she can fulfill your marketing objective. The concept of influencer marketing is much more than just posting good pictures on various social media platforms. If you want to attract your viewers from your target location, you must know certain tricks and hacks regarding communication.

As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, people often asked us about how the concept of influencer marketing works for brands and influencers. A good collaboration proposal has a lot to do with your first impression. It requires a perfect balance of language skills, marketing skills, digital skills, and your knowledge about that particular brand.

It can be your perfect opportunity to convert a million-dollar campaign. In this article, our team of influencer marketers and content experts have provided their valuable tips on creating a top-notch collaboration proposal that will help you protrude, among others.

  1. Jot Down Objectives of Your Proposal

If you want to approach an influencer for collaboration, do your research about him/her. You must be very clear about your marketing objectives. Once it is sorted, you can proceed to communicate with influencers without worrying about further difficulties. Try to communicate them through the mail, and then you can exchange contact numbers. Use bullet points to highlight the deliverables and the incentive portion. Try to use a different color to highlight the timeline and the end date of submission.

  1. Keep A Distance From Fake Influencers

The growing popularity of influencers may tempt a lot of people to fall on the same page. People sometimes buy followers and likes through paid services. So, don’t judge your influencer through their number of followers and likes. Look their like to follower ratio, if it is less than 1% avoid working with that influencer. You can also judge an influencer whether he/she is faking by the comments. If most of the comments include only emojis or only generalized words like ‘looking great,’ ‘Wow,’ ‘Nice’ etc. it can be paid. So, be careful while selecting influencers for your brand promotion.

  1. Create a Professional Design

In this show business, you must flaunt your skills, be it design or choice of words, make sure everything looks polished and professional. Dealing with leading market influencers requires professionalism, don’t lag behind due to lack of competence. You can use different tools to brush up your proposal template.

  1. Introduce Yourself

Brands love to work with influencers for their dynamic effectiveness. Working with real people has unmatchable benefits in terms of brand awareness. Within the communication mail, introduce yourself, provide your website URL and social media handles, so that your influence gets a broad idea about your venture. Don’t forget to sell your words; you never know the same influencer may convert to your customer.

  1. Choose Proper Influencers

While promoting your brand through influencers, it is important to select proper influencers who resonate well with your brand. He/she must have the ability to create powerful visual content with mind-shifting abilities. Your influencer and your brand must share the same mindset, which will be helpful in taking your brand forward with influencer marketing. Do not choose an athlete for the promotion of a beauty brand; similarly, don’t indulge a beauty blogger in promoting a restaurant or a particular dish.

  1. Try to build long term relationship

While proceeding with an influencer marketing campaign, focus on building long term relationships with them. Hiring them for just one campaign is easy, but indulging the same influencer for the long term to promote your product is tricky. While writing a collaboration proposal mention, you wish to build a long term relationship with your influencer so that they will understand how valuable they are for your business.

Influencers will give you special attention if they found you want to make a long term relationship with them. Success is simple yet tricky!

  1. Showcase collaboration content on your social media feed

Nowadays, the concept of collaboration is very important to conduct a sustainable marketing strategy. So, if you are collaborating with top influencers, don’t forget to showcase them on your social media feed. Let everyone talk about your brand that will only be possible if you flooded your viewers’ feed with your valuable product. But don’t irritate them with too many posts as they may unfollow or bock you. Up to three posts per day will be good.


  1. Ask your influencers to tag your page

When influencers are collaborating with your brand and creating mind-boggling visual content, ask them to tag your page, so that his/her viewers will directly see your page from that profile. The core reason behind the collaboration is to amplify your brand value within a short period, so if they tag your page in their posts, it will get enormous exposure.

While writing the collaboration proposal, mention this under the deliverables that they must tag you in their social media posts with your product.

  1. Mention the timeline

Timeline plays an important factor in influencer marketing. While writing your proposal, mention your focused timeline under which you wish to promote your brand through your selected influencers. Before mentioning it in writing, try to connect with your influencers to say in over the phone. Make sure they will not find it rude.

Remember, creating conceptual visual content takes time. Don’t push your influencers too much to submit the artwork. Try to maintain a professional tone throughout the conversation. Don’t try to be bossy; don’t make them feel underestimated under any circumstances.

  1. Mention Incentive Details

While writing the collaboration proposal to your favorite influencer, besides mentioning deliverables, also mention the incentive details. Do not expect anything for free for the first time. If you are looking barter collaboration, mention it too in the proposal so that there will be no confusion regarding payment for collaboration.


  1. Generate Fresh ideas

The idea of influencer marketing campaign is not new. More or less, every brand is using various influencers to promote their brand. If you are serious about creating a buzz among your target audience, invest some time behind generating fresh ideas about your brand. Highlight the objectives of your brand so that the audience will recognize your products and value them over others.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding writing a collaboration proposal. If you follow the guidelines as mentioned above, chances are there to get success easily.

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