Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Integration is the New Technology for Car Makers

What makes a car truly superb? Safety? Looks? Automation? Power? Economy? Accessories? This might be different for different people, but for me it is definitely a combination of all these, which my car provides beautifully for me! And I got new garage equipment for it as well.

The latest addition to my garage is a home car lift storage system, Southern California made. And there is much to check out with this when you consider what my BMW can do when synced with this cool parking automation Southern California system. First of all, I had to really hunt for this piece all around California before I came to the right place.

Though I shelled out quite a bit of money on this, the auto parking lift Southern California company offered me more than I could expect. Not only could it read my car’s number plate, it would automatically operate when it found a match with the car plate that it had been programmed to recognize.

Not only did it provide us with space for three cars in place of one, it has offered some good safety measures as well. It easily connects with my BMW’s remote control (I got it customized) and lets me operate when I am sitting in the car. The auto parking lift Southern California technician did a great job on this and I give him full marks.


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I had to deal quite a bit with the techie guy from the parking automation Southern California Company before I could finally understand how to operate the mechanism and set it up with my BMW.

However, I had no problems operating it once it got running. I must say that this automated system and the increased space has made our lives much simpler and our garage hi-tech! Thanks to the home car lift storage system Southern California Company who provided us with this great system.