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Intel and Motorola Seal the Deal in Android Market

Famous mobile device breeding companies have always tried to come up with new ideas through series of experiments to understand what customers want. But the recent multilayer tie up of Motorola and Intel is certainly a bold move and also the latest technology news flying around.

This New Year has shown us many technological triumphs such as- the thinnest Smartphone Huawei Ascend P1 S revealed, Panasonic unveiled world’s smallest and thinnest alpha panel monitor, Samsung brings 55 inch super oled TV to the market and the list goes on. But what Motorola and Intel did, is going to change our Smartphone user experience forever.

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Their partnership declared that, Intel’s Atom processor based on Z2460 platform will be widely used to power Motorola’s ‘android’ devices from the second half of 2012. We have also come to know that, they are planning to bring forth an android device equipped with Intel core later this year though they did not specify whether it would be a Smartphone or a Tablet.

Isn’t that wonderful? We would be able to get it in the middle or at the end of this year. It’s obvious that they would use powerful ARM-based chips because of its efficiency, low power consumption and ability to fit into small gadgets. An Intel chip embedded mobile device is like having a fully fledged computer in your palm. Imagine how much it can deliver, how fast you can perform business with it.

Although some of us might saw this relationship coming, as Intel has been trying for years to join hands with mobile companies to take mobile user experience to the next stage. And Motorola also need something to establish their mark in this increasingly competitive market. So, it was obvious to happen sooner or later right? Well, let’s just wait for now till it gets any better.

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