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iOS 7 – The World’s Most Advanced Mobile Operating System?

iOS 7

We have been hearing a lot about the arrival of the next version of iOS from Apple. At times, we have presumed that it might come in black and white; and the next moment, we have heard that it would have a flat design. But we were sure of one thing – it would bring in an experience we have never felt before.


And it has lived up to the expectations. The first look of iOS 7 was revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10, 2013. Apple has provided a snippet of the features of its new operating system and judging by the looks of it, iOS 7 has undergone massive improvements from its predecessors – both in design and functionality.

Let’s get to the part we have been eager to know – the new features, of course.

#1. Control Center:

The Control Center is available in the lock screen which acts as a pull-up tray. Along with volume and brightness, users can now adjust the Bluetooth, Profile Modes, Rotation Clock and Wi-Fi settings. Users can get a quick access to the apps, camera, music player and flashlight.

#2. Multitasking:

Like always, the multitasking mode can be activated by double-tapping the home button. However, the UI of the multitasking mode has been revamped. With a lesser amount of battery consumption, users will find it easier to multi-task between all third-party apps.

#3. Siri:

Siri now has a new voice. You can choose between female and male voices. Users can now instruct Siri to modify the settings of the iPhone. For example, lowering the brightness of the screen or turning on the Bluetooth. Other than English, you can also switch to German, English and many other languages.

#4. iTunes Radio:

iTunes Radio is finally here. The entire list of songs on each station can be found once users access the History section. In there, users have the option of previewing and purchasing from the iTunes store. Users have the option of customizing the stations and opt for the music of their preference.

#5. Activation Lock:

In case the iPhone gets stolen and the thief turns off Find My Phone feature, he can no longer turn on the iPhone with the password of the user’s iCloud. The iPhone might get lost, but the thief will also be unable to use it. Moreover, the activation lock allows users to block calls and messages from unwanted people.

Along with these five, there are lots of other features which come together to make iOS 7 the most advanced mobile OS in the world till date. Do you agree or have you found out a better operating system? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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