Monday, September 27, 2021
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iTwin Connect Is Now Available

iTwin Connect is finally available in markets, offering users unrestricted and protected Internet access, along with hassle free avenues to use home and other corporate networks like the VPN, or Visual Private Network. iTwin’s Ceo, Lux Anantharaman says that this will solve the on-line privacy issues of frequent travelers. This has been devised mainly for businessmen, exchange students and travelers who often face browsing restrictions when they are in foreign countries.

iTwin Connect
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One of the major benefits of iTwin Connect is its “Teleport Me” feature, that allows users to browse the Internet securely while accessing it from networks that are not trustworthy. With this, users can also browse Geo-restricted or blocked services and sites no matter what their current location might be. All Internet traffic is set to be directed through a private VPN channel to the office or personal PC, from where public Internet might be used via the Internet connection of the home or office PC. With the “Teleport Me” feature, private browsing will be allowed across all networks in US, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Users can also make use of the zero-configuration, personal VPN for complete bi-directional access to the network. The Military Grade Security system with its two-factor authentication and hardware grade security allows full proof protection. Therefore remotely accessing the office or home Internet by launching the Windows Remote Desktop obliterates the problem of having to worry over the personal security of your browser and the history that might get recorded in the process of using unknown and restrictive network services. The best part of it is that these are generally available at a one-time cost, allowing users unlimited usage. iTwin Connect is priced at 129 dollars.