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Kohler’s Numi Toilet is Upgraded to Serve You Better

The Numi toilet that appeared in the tech market in 2011 with a bunch of amazing technological features has now grown up to add more extravagance to the mornings of your mundane life. Many new technologies have been added to this $6,400 toilet. The 2011 version of the product from the Wisconsin-based manufacturer Kohler, was equipped with a heated seat, foot warmer, music system, an attached bidet, etc.


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 The latest version of this amazing toilet has Bluetooth receivers for streaming audio from cell phones, an SD card, a USB port and a lighting system that gets illuminated in seven different colors. You can access a personalized message and customize play lists with the help of SD cards. The USB port helps you to update software without wasting time in the bathroom.

This toilet was already equipped with a bidet functioning system that could be utilized with the help of a retractable wand-like device to initiate the spray. The power, temperature and aim of the water jet can be controlled by a touchscreen remote. After the spraying process is done, a fan can be switched on to blow warm air for drying you off.

The built in music system, FM radio and other auxiliary inputs are there to provide quality entertainment to you. You can plug in your iPhone to the toilet for an added level of entertainment quotient. The moving seat is equipped with a motion detector that makes sure, you do not need to use your hands to touch the toilet for using any of its features.

Numi is beyond a simple combination of a toilet seat and a flusher that you would like to have in your toilet. There is no reason why you should not as with this toilet, you get a nice and cozy place to tweet or post from.

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