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Rumour In The Air : Apple’s iPhone6 To Unveil A 360 Design Change

While there is much buzz over the arrival of the latest Apple iPhone 6, rumours have started flooding in regarding some of its popular features.

There is no doubt, that Apple iPhone 6 is destined to be launched for the big event in the month of September. With its arrival date hovering just around the corner, here are some of the mind-blowing factors that you can expect from Apple’s next generation smart phone.

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What To Expect

  • Display

We are expecting two handsets this September. One of them will be featuring a 4.7in display screen while the other will be a display setup of size 5.5in. It is heard that Apple is planning to name its second handset as iPad Air, a likeable step from Apple’s side to differentiate the smaller traditional iphones.

Not just the setup size but it is rumored that Apple is coming with a bigger surprise. This time, Apple is expected to bring a display resolution triple the size of its already known base resolution of 568X320.

  • Design

Apple is reported to bring a complete 360-degree change in its designs outlook. According to recent rumors and leaked images, the iPhone 6 will have thinner chassis. While there are no solid proofs until now, it is said that the new handset may or may not feature bezels.

Only Apple has exclusive rights to use liquid metal for that manufacture of the chassis. Liquid metal is strong and durable and can be used in smaller quantity, which can produce the same quality as that of aluminum. Hence, Apple’s chassis will be lighter compared to the previous sets.

In addition, the company has recently put up a new factory in Arizona for the manufacture of Sapphire glass. Apple plans to use Sapphire glass for its iPhone 6, which is, said to be indestructible and scratch free.

  • iOS8

On June 2014, Apple was expected to launch its next generation iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference. However, on that date Apple unveiled the iOS8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

It becomes obvious that the upcoming iPhone 6 will be coming pre-installed with the latest mobile operating software.

  • Camera

The new Apple iPhone6 is expected to come with a Lytro camera – a digital camera that according to AppleInsider, includes “refocus able image adopting software”. Rumor has it that Apple is planning to boost its 10 megapixel camera with an aperture of f/.8 along with an improve filter.

The company plans to focus on improving its already installed features like image stabilization and enhancements instead of loading with new pixels.

  • Storage

Previously, Apple featured an internal storage limit of 64 GB. In a way, this seemed a good feature for a Smartphone. However, if a person uses the iPhone 6 as the main camera and a primary source for downloading music, then the entire space availability gets exhausted. The 128 GB storage will be a welcome option if Apple does not equip its iPhone 6 with an expandable storage facility.

  • Price

Having seen some of the most rumored features to be expected from the upcoming Apple Smartphone, it is the price that remains unclear. Recent speculations have suggested the estimated price, to be around 100$. This is a giant leap compared to Apple’s 2013 flagship. According to some rumors, iPhone 6 is claimed to be costly owing to its Glass Sapphire screen, which costed Apple 16$ per Glass Sapphire compared to the 3$ per Gorilla Glass.

That is all I can think of, when talking about the recent rumors related to the latest iPhone 6. It is hard to come out with exact information, especially since Apple is being silent about the phone. However, let us keep a watch and hope that when iPhone 6 comes, it is as good as its rumors.