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Latest Tablet Trends- Where the Market is Going?

Amazon had launched the Kindle Fire tablet last November at an attractive price of $199. This looked affordable to those who could not stretch to Samsung Galaxy tab or iPad. Amazon is still selling Kindle Fire at a loss to earn more sales to its consumer portal. Amazon definitely had to consider the arrival of new tablets daily from China.

Price is a major deciding factor for the customers and next comes the best tablet size. In a 10 or 12-inch laptop the advantage is that you can see the screen well, but not as well as your 30 inch desktop. With high quality 10 inch display, games will be impressive, websites good to look at and eBooks quite clear.

Only if you are in bright sun light, you can go for a simple Kindle or Nook touch model. Even the 7 inch screens are good for games and you get a feel of paperback book both in terms of weight and size. Seven inches is a good enough size for a tablet and you do not need to worry as even the fashion industry will be making coats and trousers with big pockets to fit an iPad.


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Google’s new IdolPad is going to be soon available for $99 and will run on Android. This will be a wonderful opportunity for many people to own this gadget The Wi-Fi is a standard 802.11 b/g, but the computer uses a multi-touch resistive screen which is a step backwards in technology. It has multi-touch screen so you can easily zoom in and out and play advanced games.

The screen resolution for this 7 inch screen is 800 x 480 compared to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab at 1200 x 800, so it is obvious that the picture will not be as good, but at less than a quarter of the cost, you might be happy with it. The give you a provision to add a Micro-SD card up to 32 GB which is more that what Amazon facilitated on Kindle Fire.