Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Launch of SmartPoint GM Transceivers

With the use of the natural gas utility meters SENSUS launched SmartPoint GM transceivers. It will be used for the 2 way communication. This device will facilitate the use of the system-wide data collection, and will also monitor for the better customer service and will improve the operation facilities too.

If you connect the device with the Sensus FlexNet superior metering infrastructure network of communication, it will let the migration of the utility from drive-by/ walk by read capacities to the fixed base system.

The installation is easy and can be done on even on the existing meters (be it residential or commercial). I don’t know whether you will be getting these facilities in our old transceivers, where Chip Inductor holds an important role. However Joe McCormick – the vice president of the center put for the statement that this device will be having the capacity of understanding the usage outline and hence serving better their customers. Thus, the human resource can also get optimized.


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