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LG Optimus Pro beat Samsung Galaxy S4 as its Eye Recognition Comes in a Value Pack

Now you can resume reading from right where you stopped concentrating. The eye recognition of LG ‘Smart Video’ gives you the liberty to pause or play it when you feel like. The feature has been rightfully named as ‘Smart video’ because it is too smart to let the text skip your attention. The user will not even need to use his hand for watching videos on Optimus G Pro.

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LG calls the process “advanced eye recognition” as it can simply pause the streaming of a video as soon as the eyes look away from the screen. Once you start watching the video again, the automatic video playbook gets started again.

LG is not the only company that has come up with this mind blowing concept. Last year Samsung, along with its smart phone Galaxy S III, brought in the eye recognition technology to wake the phone from its sleep mode. Eye recognition technology for Samsung Galaxy S4 can scroll a web page for its user.

LG has packed in some extra punch to beat Samsung. The Optimus G Pro has an upgraded camera feature. A Dual Camera feature is able to capture photos simultaneously with both the cameras on front and that on the back. This creates a picture within a picture for you.

All the South Korean customers of Optimus G Pro will avail both the features viz. Dual Camera and Smart Video next month. According to the company, these features will be included in the LG Premium smart phones in future.

So, now you can watch the video of ‘Harlem shake’ while chopping onion on the kitchen table. Your moments of distraction won’t make you miss anything as the Optimus G Pro of LG is smart enough to know where to stop and when to resume.

Unfortunately, the flagship models of Galaxy S4 won’t have this eye scroll feature. They will be launched only with the start and stop video feature. In the mean time, LG stole the show by announcing this amazing Optimus Pro feature with a value pack option where the dual camera is also added.