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Meditation Apps for a Stress Free Life

What about meditating on the go? Busy work schedule seldom allows us to spend some quality time to do some work-out for brain. But now the meditation tools can be compact enough to get fitted in your iDevice. This can be utilized for exercising mindfulness on the go. So, you do not need to carve out extra time out of your schedule for doing meditation. A few minutes spent with your phone can help you feel less stressed. Have a look at a few of the best meditation apps available for Android OS.

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Headspace App: This is a tool for a guided meditation session. This offers instructions for mindfulness training of the beginners. The product is available for 3.74 pounds a month. Every day, after you access the app, you will be greeted with a completely new content. This is useful for improving concentration, increasing creativity of brain and calming your mind.

iZen Lite: This app adds some charm of music to the meditation process. The app has a total of 8 music tracks that helps the user to concentrate. 4 of them are available in the free version of the app. You do not need to bother about time while concentrating. Just set a time for which you are planning to meditate. Your meditating procedure can end after the music is over. So you get more focus on the process. This app is designed to keep you stress free all the time.

iRelax Meditation: This app functions to rejuvenate your brain with the help of some binaural sounds and relaxing sights. Once you are hooked to it, your phone can take you through a process of ‘Yoga Nidra’ that can help your mind get soothed at any hour of the day. It can be played in the morning for starting the day in a fresh mind. At night, this can be the source of ultimate repose and sleep. Special orchestration and the best audio recording quality has been used to make it very relaxing for your nerves. Nerve-relaxing sights of beaches, rivers, sunset, etc have been added to the app for a calming effect on the ocular nerves.

So, now you have multiple ways to get de-stressed. The unwinding process can get started in your office, in the car or anywhere you are. It becomes easier because the mobile, your constant companion becomes the helping hand.