Mozilla Is All Set To Launch Its New Tablet- Firefox OS In Early June

firefox os

In a partnership with the Taiwanese manufacturing company Foxconn, Mozilla is all set to launch its new tablet, Firefox OS. The formal announcement will be made on the 3rd of June, in an event where the two firms will showcase a device that functions on an operating system that is open and web based.

Firefox OS

Foxconn will become the latest operator to enter into manufacturing operations with Mozilla, and the tablet will be the second production following the recent launch of smartphones that run on the Firefox OS.

In recent times, it has been reported that Foxconn is seeking to diversify its client base, endeavoring to attract partners other than Apple, with which it has already worked. It has already manufactured Android devices, but this new partnership would be its first foray into the operating space of Firefox. Mozilla, on the other hand, has already forged partnership with companies like Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel (TCL), and LG. The success of the partnership between Foxconn and Mozilla can be assessed only after the product is launched.

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