Monday, September 27, 2021
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NASA Space Craft tested by the Largest Vacuum Chamber

Yes you have read it right!! NASA’s new baby Orion, the spacecraft is to undergo a test by the world’s largest vacuum chamber. Orion, the latest spacecraft is designed to take off the new generation astronomers to the space. In order to find out if the spaceship can endure the harshest challenges in space, it has to undergo thorough tests. Space Power Facility, the largest vacuum chamber in world, has been produced to create the same vacuum as that of space; making it easier for Orion to carry on with its operations in space. Vacuum Chambers are of high importance when it comes to inventing a new space ship. This gigantic vacuum chamber helps the crew to test the experience of a joyride in space.

Orion which is a part of Constellation program set up by NASA is basically intended to carry humans for various destinations across the solar system. However, prior to flying off with this spaceship the experts need to know whether the big vehicle can survive the extreme environment in space.


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