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All You Need to Know and Expect From Smart Watches

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Digital era brings us so much more than big-screen TVs, powerful laptops and modern cameras – things are constantly becoming smaller as the technology advances. It is not surprising that a cigarette-case-sized smartphone replaces five or six items – camera, notepad, organizer, calendar, watch, etc.

When it comes to watches, however, not everyone is content with just knowing the time and some users expect more from them. That is why smartwatches are so popular right now.

But what are their perks and how necessary are they?

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The Basics

Remember the confusion when the era of smartphones started? Or the era of laptops? Or, going back, the Millennium bug, computers, TV, radios, etc? Every new breakthrough in technology makes people afraid, suspicious, skeptical and cynical, and smartwatches are no exception to this rule. Doing what all those devices did before them – elevate known things to a new level and making everyday operations much easier – these handy little devices are mostly different because they are on your wrist instead of in your palm or under your fingers.

People are not used to doing much on their watches apart from timekeeping. No Wi-Fi, no e-mails, no GPS navigation, and especially no videos, music and apps. But smartwatches do exactly this, and much more. They are basically a smaller, more compact version of your phone, absolutely mobile and always with you.

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The Variety

As expected, this new technology has brought several interested parties into the mix and you can choose between Pebble Smartwatch, Apple Watch, LG Urbane, Sony SmartWatch 3, Samsung Gear 2 and several more. While some of them continue the style of their brand’s predecessors, others are completely new, but operating systems some of them are close to what people are familiar with and the transition from android mobile phone to Google’s Android Wear is, therefore, much easier and more natural.

Concerning the differences between these brands, they range from compatibility with your mobile devices to price, design, OS, battery and durability. While many advocate that Apple Watch is the best option you, others argue that it is less customizable and has poorer Wi-Fi connectivity and less wrist gestures options than Android-based smartwatches. Also, it is the most expensive, with the price of about $549. Other options are more affordable and you can find Pebble, Sony SmartWatch 3 and Samsung Gear 2 for about $150, $250 and $300, respectively.

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Pro and Cons

Concerning the price, the question arises: do you really need a smartwatch? How badly do you have to check your e-mails that you cannot take a smartphone out of your pocket? What to these watches offer that phones do not, except from discarding banners and ads on e-mails?

In one word: exclusivity. Also, a chance to show that you are not only well off, but technologically savvy, too. They do make things simpler, but at what cost? They can be bulky and unpractical and their usage is yet to be completely standardized – moreover, some reviewers go as far as calling them maybe the worst things that certain well-known brands have ever produced, which is too harsh, but has a point. In the end, smartwatches need too much extra work in order to do something that has already been done numerous times before.

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The Future

You can see businesspeople and tech enthusiasts wearing smartwatches, but not everyone can afford them at the moment. However, their future is more than bright: they are expected to get updated options and more apps, as well as enhanced battery life and endurance, and more brands are getting involved into the race. Ultimately, all of this will surely make smartwatches integrate into our society and become a customary sight, especially after the next “big thing” arrives.