Monday, September 27, 2021
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New Features for Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has experienced a revamp recently. The changes brought about, has contributed greatly to make Outlook appear similar to Gmail. At an overview, the changes include ways to filter your emails, in-line reply options, improvements in chat, and an undo function.

It’s an endeavor to attract more users to Outlook, by working on its drawbacks. Previously, Microsoft had also successfully launched features, enabling Gmail users to import their accounts from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook.

The Basic Changes in Microsoft Outlook at a Glance,

#1. Addition of Advanced Rules

The change which is sure to have a great impact on the users, is the possibility of setting Advanced Rules for organizing the inbox, at a level much superior to the previous. According to Karissa Bell,


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“Outlook’s biggest change is the addition of Advanced Rules, which enables users to set custom triggers to help them organize their inbox. Triggers can be based on how old a message is, who it’s from and whether the message is unread. For example, you can set a rule that moves messages more than three days old, and were sent by one of your contacts, to the the top of your inbox.

“With Advanced Rules, you now have more control over how your emails are sorted, filed or bumped to the top of your inbox,” Mike Schackwitz, Outlook’s lead program manager, said in a blog post. “You can create multi-condition and multi-action rules, and set your inbox to organize itself automatically.”

#2. Improved Chat Options

Now we can chat seamlessly across platforms, with other popular messengers, which are now integrated with Microsoft Outlook.


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The new Outlook, has brought forth an advanced chat facility, which allows the users to interact flawlessly with friends. Now, the users can also easily find the friends who are online.  The messaging section is integrated at the bottom-left corner of the inbox, which displays the recent conversations. Messages can also be sent over other popular messengers, like Skype, Facebook or Messenger, which can be selected from within Outlook itself.

“The new Outlook makes replying to messages a lot easier by adding in-line reply. Previously, users couldn’t respond to emails without opening a new view.

Microsoft also added an undo button (ctrl+z works) that allows users to undo certain actions, including delete, categorize, flag, mark as junk or move” says Karissa. Information Courtesy:

The new features will be rolling out gradually over the next few weeks. The new Outlook makes replying to messages a lot easier by adding in-line reply. But however the process of its launch will be rather gradual and will reach the users over a span of a few weeks.