Monday, September 27, 2021
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New Jelly Bean Up-gradation For Samsung's Galaxy Tablets

Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1, two of the most popular tablets rolled out by Samsung are finally getting their operating systems upgraded with the incorporation of Android 4.1, more commonly known as Google’s Jelly Bean version.

The wait has been worth it. With the incorporation of the new Premium Suit, Samsung promises “dramatic improvements” in the multi-tasking features of the tablet, and also remarkable improvements in the S Pen stylus which comes with every device.

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Also, the Cascade View component allows users to change the size, select and pin applications which can be made to run simultaneously, or also, while operating on the home-screen.

Air View allows users to preview content like email attachments, videos and photos without using related apps.

The Quick Command service allows users to create shortcuts for S Pen, customizing the screen to identify specified strokes for launching services and apps.

Other features include the enhancement of the tablet’s handwriting software that allows users to write directly in the S Planner and also to send those handwritten notes via email. Therefore, you can circle out important dates and make handwritten notes beside them, just like you do on plain white paper.

The addition of templates for the S Note is another addition. Users can now directly upload videos to the note template and also add visual effects to the digital content.