Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Now Google Is All Set To Use Jewelry For Passwords

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Google has indeed come up with another unique product – a ring that can be worn on the finger, and also used to check into one’s online account or computer.

The company revealed its plans to do away with typed passwords in an academic paper that was published in January this year. It stated that users would have to plug in a tiny USB key into the port to authenticate their credentials, and thereby gain access to the data. The January publication however, made no mentions of a jewelry.

Google’s principal engineer Mayank Upadhyay stated that the main aim of this move is to secure the privacy of individuals and their control over data as a personal hardware for data verification would eliminate the chances of reuse and reduplication of passwords. He said that it is like the experience in an ATM where the pin can be used only by the card owner.

The USB key has been designed to perform cryptographic transactions with online services in order to verify data credentials. Once the key has been plugged into the system, it authenticates itself by responding aptly to mathematical challenges that have been posed by online services. The information that is produced during this exchange is extremely confidential and cannot be reduplicated and reproduced in any way.

Upadhyay also revealed the company’s plan of coming up with a prototype token, such as a ring, that could replace the password token. Google is trying hard to partner with other establishments and create the groundwork for a technology that can be useful for accessing different websites and services. The entire setup and device are still at the nascent stages of development and it is hard to say when the final product will hit the markets.