Monday, September 27, 2021
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OpenTable Launches a New Facebook App called Places I’ve Eaten

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Ever since OpenTable was founded in 1998 in San Fransisco, California by Chuck Templaton, it never fell short of making the biggest and most attractive headlines. They have always been the first choice of customers who look for online restaurant-reservation service.

Chances are high that their newly launched Facebook app will be just as engaging as FoodSpotting, a food-discovery app letting users to share and discover reviews and pictures of dishes at restaurants, which was acquired by OpenTable earlier this year.

This new Facebook app is called Places I’ve Eaten. It allows users to list the restaurants they have been to and rate them. They have the access to list and rate the restaurants they would like to visit in future, as well as check out the restaurants their friends have listed and rated. Users are also provided with the option of keeping the listings private, if they do not want to make them visible on Facebook.

Places I’ve Eaten comes with a simple mapping feature which allows users to filter the results to search for restaurants based on the ratings, the dishes they are best known for, parking facilities, scenic view, family-friendly atmosphere, etc. Each result has a link to find a table which will direct you to the website of OpenTable.

Like FoodSpotting, this new app tries to make the online restaurant-reservation service more social to the customers. This app will let you see which dishes are the top-picks at a particular restaurant and help you make your dining experience even more enjoyable. As every possible information will be made available to you, you can even prepare your order beforehand as you are getting to know the most-loved dishes of your friends in a particular restaurant.

Once you have made up your mind about which restaurant to visit, you can use OpenTable to make the online reservation.