Monday, September 27, 2021
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Pebble Introduces The Smartest Wristwatch Ever

With iPads and iPhones having infiltrated the market, it is now time for the smart watch to make its presence felt. Eric Migicovsky, the creator of Pebble, said that this e-ink smart wristwatch has been designed and built on a budget of 8 million dollars. Sleek and attractive, and priced at an affordable $150 dollars, this watch hosts a range of software skills that are as good as those found on smartphones and iPads.

You can overlook it as an ordinary wristwatch given its surface look, but it has amazing features. It easily syncs with Android and iOS phones, displays caller information and incoming messages. You can customize the features of the watch to be able to receive these alerts.


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The watch does not weigh more than 38.2 grams, and uses a 144×168 pixels e-ink LCD technology that enables the user to view the screen even in strong sunlight.

This watch also comes with an optimized power consumption solution. Migicovsky says that the watch can function for seven straight days without being charged. In addition, it gets charged completely in a couple of hours.

The watch does not have a touch screen, but is controlled by navigation buttons present on the sides. While the back button is positioned on the right hand-side, the up, down and enter buttons are on the other side. The navigation systems are well planned and effective and accessing the Internet and personal mails is not a problem at all.

While the background screen faces are still the customized ones, it is heard that the model will soon be upgraded to enable users to download apps.

It was only time before one such technological product was introduced into the market. There is nothing like a lightweight wristwatch with features that can soon outweigh the necessity of carrying an iPad around all the time.