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Proper Ways to Remarket Your Company’s IT Assets

Proper Ways to Remarket Your Company’s IT Assets


How you manage your IT assets has a great influence on the development, maintenance and recycling of electronics and the information they may carry. If done properly, your company will have a chance to resell and recycle its IT assets, thus maximizing return on investment (ROI) and minimizing environmental impact.

The factors that determine your ability to remarket include the age, functionality, appearance and overall condition of the hardware you’d like to resell. In order to make the most of this opportunity, there are several tips you might find worth considering.

Try to keep it damage-free

Though it may sound obvious, it’s worth remembering that even the slightest damage can significantly affect the remarketing potential and price of any asset. So, make sure that you have procedures in place regarding handling, sorting and packaging assets, which would minimize the risk of damage. People handing such assets need to be trained and have the appropriate space and materials for IT asset management.

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Be in the loop

It’s difficult to keep up with all the changes and breakthroughs in technology. New hardware and technologies are released all the time, which means that most equipment becomes outdated sooner, rather than later. It is for this reason that you need to be constantly aware of what’s happening on the market and not miss the perfect time to remarket your assets. If you fail to react on time, you might find yourself stuck with obsolete and outdated equipment that you can’t resell. In that case, you need to find a way to have it recycled.

Complete systems are worth much more than those missing a part or two

Functioning systems, with all parts up and running are worth much more than those missing a part or requiring certain parts to be replaced. Investments in previously used and refurbished assets are usually made with great reluctance on behalf of the owner, which is why your selling price will have to be very low if you are to attract any buyers. Another tip related to this is to use certain machines only as a source of spare parts that can be used to make other units complete and functional.

Clean, rather than break

Hard drives are often the most problematic part of a unit, since they contain sensitive data. Some companies stick to a policy of physically destroying hard drives in their attempt to prevent any confidential information from ending up in wrong hands. Instead of doing that, you might want to consider data erasure and sanitization, since that would keep your hard drives functional, i.e. eligible for remarketing.

If your company can’t afford to allocate financial and human resource to deal with such issues, you may hire experts who provide asset management and remarketing services to advise you about the steps you need to take to make the most of your IT assets.

Another option, which might help you save time, boost employees’ morale and improve the way the equipment is used at your company is to set up an employee purchase program. However, you need to be extremely careful with it too, and make sure no data breaches occur. All data have to be permanently erased before equipment is put up for sale. Otherwise, you may incur unnecessary cost.


Whatever your options and choices are, remarketing or recycling, commissioning a remarketer or allocation your own resources for that purpose, it’s vital you adhere to all legislation regulating the issue of remarketing and recycling, particularly in terms of environment protection. You’ll not only minimize the impact on the environment, but also be able to reclaim at least part of the funds you originally spent on the equipment.