Thursday, October 21, 2021
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‘Recharge’ – Mortal’s Fight for Basic Resources

Have you ever thought what would the world be like without all the resources that are essential for living on this earth? Do you really bother whether your kids or their kids will get enough of that for sustaining life? Linkin Park has apparently given the situation a serious thought and has collaborated with Kuuluu Interactive Entertainment for creating a video game that will compel the players to consider the plight of this world without sustainable energy.

The game, as its website states, is set in the “not too distant future”, where the players fight the machines to retain the last stretches of natural resources and to “recharge” the world with sustainable energy.

In 2005, Linkin Park founded “Music for Relief”, a charity for offering help to the victims of natural disasters and supporting clean energy projects. The charity has designed its current project, “Power the World” with the sole aim of spreading awareness of 1.3 billion people in the world, living without electricity. With this project, as Dave Farrell, the famous Linkin Park bassist explains, the band aims at engaging their 56 million Facebook fans in addressing the problem.


While talking to the Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore, Farrell said at the Social Good Summit that they believe strongly in the power hidden in ‘Numbers’. The group of Linking Park followers are always eager to remain aware of what is happening around the world. The band will be more than happy to drive that immense cumulative energy towards the execution of something positive and constructive for a large, suffering part of the world. Farrell could not find a better way to engage such a huge number of people in such a noble deed than gaming.


He thinks, this game is going to tread the same road that many of the other video games walked on, disseminating different social messages. When all the Linkin Park fans on Facebook will download the game and will fight against the resource machines, the intended message will reach the target audience through their gaming experience.


The best thing about the game is, it does not require its players to donate any amount. All that will be included in the task is playing the game and sharing information about it.  Scientific experiments have proved that the basic resources are not going to last long on the surface of earth. So, time is ripe to think about some alternative that can make the world livable for the decades to come. “Recharge” is just a concept that hints at the necessity of a device to refill the world with new resources and the horrific fight that is going to take place for a control over it.