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On Facebook, it is very obvious that you would not want your boss (rejecting whose friend request would have been too rude) to see your pictures from the party last night. Neither would you normally want a random acquaintance like or comment on your engagement pictures. These are too private moments, but at times – it becomes mandatory to share them with your Facebook friends., a newly-launched app for the iOS, allows you to take pictures from your smartphone and add a filter to them. When you upload the pictures on Facebook, this filter transforms the images into a mass of unrecognizable pixels. While the original images will be made available to the group of people who has your stamp of approval, others will only be able to view the mutilated version of the images.



Moreover, these pictures will only remain active on Facebook for a limited amount of time. Once the time period has expired, the pictures will self-destruct (simply, delete) themselves from Facebook as well as the app. In order to make the app work, you need to be logged into the app while it simultaneously accesses your Facebook account. Being an iOS product, it can be used on the iPhone 3GS and the later versions.

In the video presented by Mashable, we get to have a detailed working of this app.


It is already in the market, and can be downloaded from the Apple app store. So what do you think of this new app? Wanna give it a try?

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