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Six Steps to Building Your Own Smart Home

building your own smart home

A smart home is a house or apartment that integrates technology, especially Wi-Fi Internet, to better manage the functions of that home. While this may sound like something only the very wealthy can afford, you can easily transform your own living space into a smart home as well. Simply use the six steps listed below.

1. Install Smart Locks

First, you’ll need to automate your door locks. Add dead-bolts to your doors that can then be connected to a wireless operation system. You’ll then have the amazing ability to unlock your doors with your smart phone.

2. Install a Wireless Security System

You should also add a smart home security system. This should include alarms and security cameras that can be managed easily through a wireless interface. You can purchase such a system from any security company in your area.

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3. Install Smart Appliances

You can also purchase outlets specifically designed for a smart home. For example, you can plug in a coffee maker compatible with such an outlet. You can then set it to automatically make your coffee for you each morning or whenever you tell it to from a smart phone app.


4. Install Smart Home Control Panels

To manage everything in your smart home, you should install a few control panels. These will save you from having to mess with your smart phone every time you want to send commands to different elements of the system. Such a panel works the same as a touch screen tablet and is simply placed on a wall like a picture frame.


5. Install a Smart Heating and Air Conditioning System

Something you’ll certainly want to control is your heating and air conditioning system. Instead of using a single thermostat, you’ll have the ability to change the temperature in your home from anywhere through the wireless interface.


6. Install Smart Lighting

Similarly, all of your light switches should be integrated into the system. This will give you the ability to turn on any light in your home whenever you want. You could, for example, turn on certain lights in the house while you are on vacation to give it the appearance that someone is home.


Building a smart home does take some work and the installation of a bit of technology. However, it is certainly something most regular people can accomplish. It is not only for the super rich.

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