The World’s First Smartphone Cooled By Liquids Might Soon be A Reality

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 Latest smartphone Medias X 06E, NEC : It’s new mechanism of keeping the device cool

Smartphone owners are used to the fact that their devices and gadgets will generate heat after being used for a long span of time, like, checking emails, browsing the Internet, surfacing Facebook, capturing images and videos etc.

NEC Medias X 06E
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With the design of its latest smartphone Medias X 06E, NEC has come up with a new mechanism of keeping the device cool by installing a cooling pipe with liquid components which will be placed directly behind the screen and beside the processor. The company said that by this mechanism, the temperature around the phone’s processor can be controlled and minimized by the constant process of condensation and evaporation.

It is nothing new for high-end computers to have liquid-cooling systems. However, it might be a challenge to host such systems on a smartphone device which runs on a Snapdragon processor of 1.7 GHz quad-core. With rapid technological innovations, this might soon be a reality as well.

The other impressive features of this phone include a 13.1 mega-pixel camera and 4.7 inched OLED screen. It will also have a Docomo carrier when it is launched in japan in June this year.

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