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Smartwatches are still evolutionary rather than revolutionary!

Do you like the idea of owning a wristwatch that on and off displays message alerts and weather updates? Well, according to consumer electronics companies, there are people out there who are dying to buy such a smart-wrist-watches which are called ‘smartwatches’!

Compaines like Samsung and Sony have already launched these devices out for the holidays. Qualcomm has one coming. Apple is believed to be making one, and a new report says Google is developing one, too! Is there really such a great demand for computerised watches?


It’s not coming from consumers, says Jonathan Gaw, a research manager at IDC. Rather, it’s a product in search of a market —and an expensive one at that. “We’ve had smartwatches for a while, and while the capabilities and technology have gotten better, this is still not something that people are clamouring for,” Gaw says. “The idea that it would ramp up for the holidays was always kind of a stretch.”

The above revelations didn’t stop gadget makers from trying though! Companies are under pressure to create a new source of buzz now that consumers are no longer wowed by the latest smartphones and tablet computers. Many people already have those devices, and the new ones out this year are evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

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