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Some iPhone tricks you probably don't Know About

After a long desperate struggle, you have finally managed to purchase an iPhone. This is the first time you have owned a Smartphone, and the experience is even more special because it is an Apple product after all. But apart from the detailed descriptions of all the major features that you have already gone through in the ‘User Guide’, don’t you want to know what is the maximum you iPhone can offer you? Is there anything else you need to know about your iPhone?

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#1. Making the Camera Flash turn into a Blinking Alert Light

This is a great option when you don’t want to get disturbed by the sound of your phone ringing, but want to be alerted nonetheless. To activate this feature, tap ‘Settings’ in the Home Screen. Then go to ‘General’ and next to ‘Accessibility’. Scroll down until you reach ‘LED Flash for Alerts’. Switch the option ‘ON’.

#2. Shake your iPhone to “Undo” what you Typed

It is really an annoying thing when you have made a mistake while typing, and will have to delete in the message you wrote. Your iPhone makes this process easy – you need to just shake it. A pop-up will appear with the ‘Undo Typing’ option. Once you tap it, what you typed will disappear. In case you change your mind, shake the phone again and you will have a pop-up with the ‘Redo Typing’ option.

#3. Zip to the Top of a Page

Once you are done reading a lengthy story from your favorite journal, it is a tedious task to keep on flicking in order to reach the top of the page. Well, you need not worry about this with your iPhone. Give a gentle tap at the ‘Status Bar’ – the one which can be seen at the very top of the iPhone display. You will be brought to the beginning of the page in just an instant.

#4. Taking a Screenshot of the Display

This is one of the easiest thing to do with your iPhone. Press the ‘Home’ key and the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button (you’ll find it at the to edge of the iPhone) at the same time. Release the keys right away and you’ll see the screen flash for an instant with the sound of a shutter. Once the screen is back to normal, open the ‘Camera app‘ and click on ‘Camera Roll‘. You’ll see the screenshot saved right there.

I’m sure these things are completely new to most of you. So, what I want you to do is try out all four of these in your iPhones and come back to tell me how did you like what you came to know.