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Sony Xperia Z2 Review – Easily The Most Impressive Sony Phone

Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2 Review –

Easily The Most Impressive Sony Phone


The Z2 is an easy phone to recommend, at least for those living in countries where it’ll definitely be available (a list that includes the UK and Canada, but not yet the US). The only real caution is the handset’s huge, gigantic construction! As you’ll see, if you can get past its size, the Z2 addresses some of the most serious gripes we had with its predecessors, the Xperia Z and Z1, particularly with respect to its LCD display. In fact, in some respects, it’s far ahead of any other Android phone currently on the market.

 The Size Factor

Sony has actually done an excellent job of keeping the Z2’s weight down: somehow, magically, it’s a few grams lighter than the Z1, yet it packs a larger display and a waterproof/dustproof casing, with tough, heavy flaps around the slots and micro-USB port. It’s not merely a question of weight, because the Z2 is only 18 grams heavier than the Galaxy S5, which is about as light as phones in this category come nowadays.

The Design

Visually, the one word to describe it is : attractive — it’s part of Sony’s metal-and-glass design statement, which is further aided by the thinness (just 8.2mm, or one-third of an inch). In daily use, however, the absence of curvature and shaved-off corners can be annoying — even for someone who’s used to carrying something enormous like the Galaxy Note 3.

Though it’s worth recalling just how much technology is packed into the Z2: a 5.2-inch display, a big camera module, the extra ruggedness, a microSD slot, a widely compatible LTE modem ..and many other important micro-parts required for smartphones to run.

Noise and Stereo

The Z2 apparently has active noise-canceling, to reduce background hubbub when you’re talking to someone through a headset. More usefully, Sony has also made room for stereo speakers. These are still a bit tinny compared to HTC’s BoomSound, but they’re infinitely better than the single speaker on the Z1. The old model’s speaker was easily blocked by the palm of your hand when the device was held in landscape mode, but now, the speakers are forward-facing and very hard to block — a big tick for Sony!



The Xperia Z2’s 20-megapixel camera is carried over from the Z1, and that’s a good thing. That means you’ll be able to capture decent snaps even if you decide to leave the house without a dedicated camera.

The Z2’s meaty images don’t result solely from the high resolution, but also from the size of the sensor: at 1/2.3 inches, the chip can suck in significantly more light than any of its Android rivals. Coupled with large JPEG sizes of up to 9MB this yields photographs with less noise and less of the flat “digital” feel that you’d normally expect from a phone camera.

Sony Xperia Z2


To some extent, Sony’s unnecessary gimmicks also stretch to video recording, since we now have a 4K recording option that only a few people with 4K displays might be able to appreciate.

The camera stores about 450MB of data for each minute of 3,840 x 2,160 footage, which equates to 7.5 MB/s — that’s nearly four times higher than the data rate of video recording on the Z1, befitting the quadrupling of the resolution.


There’ll be people out there who appreciate its gorgeous display, solid battery life and granite-like charm, and these attributes are inextricably linked to the phone’s size. If you think that might be you, go ahead. This is a safe purchase, the best Sony phone that has ever been, and definitely among the top three Android phones currently on the market.


  • Huge, high-quality display
  • Rugged construction
  • Excellent processor and battery life
  • Shoots incredibly detailed stills


  • Unwieldy in the hand
  • Sony’s Android skin gets in the way sometimes


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