The Arrival of Facebook Home

facebook home

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has announced the launch of a new app known as Facebook Home which replaces the standard homescreen of your Android phone. Zuckerberg has clarified in the event that Facebook Home is neither exactly an operating system nor completely an app. Instead, it contains a little of both of them. Simply put, Facebook Home is Facebook’s attempt to take control by essentially pushing its contents at the center of the Android phones. The homescreen and lockscreen change Read more […]

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Facebook All Set To Launch Its New Location-Sharing App

Social media giant Facebook is all set to launch its new location sharing app, which is a new software development that will keep a tab on the user’s location and deliver that information to enlisted friends. Bloomberg reports that this new app will be launched by the middle of March and will function even when it is not in use on the users’ phones. For instance, Facebook user Jamie will get a message stating that Mary is in the neighborhood even when neither of them are logged onto the app….

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Facebook Unveils Graph Search, a New Social Search Tool

Graph Search, a social search tool launched by Facebook on Tuesday in California allows members to search their connections and gather information about common interests and view photos and picture galleries. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the graph search is very different from normal web search. For instance, you have to enter “rock music” in the search bar of any search engine to get the necessary results, but with tools like the Search Graph, all you have to do is type ”My friends in Read more […]

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