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The Latest Phones To Lookout For In 2014

This year, smartphone users were delighted by waterproof Sony phones, ultra-big Samsung smartphones and sleek iPhones. Innovation and creativity kept everyone wondering what’s in store for them next. Master technicians and developers have been conducting researches to come up with innovative products to keep competing and raising the bar. Companies are making every possible effort to fulfill the needs and requirements of loyal customers.

If you are wondering what companies would be offering next year, you’ve come to the right place. It’s amazing how smartphones have taken the mobile phones industry by storm. Some modifications, subtractions and additions are still possible. 2014 will definitely be more interesting. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s in store for users next year.

Sony Xperia ZU – With the last Sony Xperia version, most smartphone users believed that it was the ultimate smartphone everyone was waiting for. However, some issues with the touchscreen derailed a lot of hopes. Some complaints from loyal customers have encouraged Sony to come back with a smartphone which may surpass expectations and fix broken hearts.

According to industry experts, Sony Xperia ZU will be one of the toughest and best smartphones available on the market. It might have a 6.4 inches touchscreen with a 16 GB internal storage, expandable to 64 GB via a micro card. This phone will run on a 2 GB RAM. With such features, it will be one of the phones to look out for in 2014.

Sony Xperia ZU

HTC Mini M4 – According to most industry experts, HC Mini M4 will be quite similar to the HTC One. In other words, most of the features in this phone will be similar to the previous version. Loyal customers and fans may be in for some good treat. This is because the HTC Mini M4 has been completely reprised and bought under the wide reach of consumers.

This means HTC Mini M4 will have a different body, while the functions and features of the phone will remain the same. There will be no significant changes in terms of the features. However, the company plans to slash prices. Thus, a lot of consumers will be able to buy this phone. It will be one of the most affordable high-end phones on the market.

HTC Mini M4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom – With this smartphone, Samsung aims to offer something exceptional. Consumers will be able to convert this phone into a camera. However, this phone is a bit compact. Since it will offer two great functions in one, consumers may have to compromise a bit on weight and size while choosing this model.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

IPhone 5S – Apple has made a strong impression with the iPhone 5S series. It has analysed and re-analysed creativity and innovation to offer the best to consumers in 2014. Apple lovers have always been unshakeable and immovable loyalists. In 2014, Apple will integrate the latest iOS 7 with the iPhone 5S series. In fact, consumers won’t mind if the creativity bar goes a bit down. Moreover, there’s no doubt that the iPhone 5S will be featuring the retina-plus sharp IGZO display. The phone’s size might also be bigger than the previous one.

IPhone 5S

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – The Galaxy Note became the first choice of users looking for phones with professional and personal capabilities. It was an instant success on the market. The client base of Samsung Galaxy Note has significantly increased. In fact, industry experts believe that the client base will increase further with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It will have a 6.3 inches touchscreen with Android KitKat. Note 3 is expected to work like an actual notebook.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

These were some of the phones you should look out for in 2014. Whether companies such as Morpeth Mobiles make an impression with these phones or need to upgrade them for better versions is still to be seen.