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Mashable’s New Android App Shows What’s Currently Viral

In partnership with Samsung, a new mobile app is about to get launched by Mashable. Before the app goes live next week, it has been announced that it will be made available only in the following Galaxy devices – Note II, Tab 3, S III, and S4.

The first and foremost feature of the app is its responsively adaptive nature. This means that no matter which device you choose to view the app, you are always going to get a full, unhindered layout. Moreover, the homepage is stitched below the article once you complete reading a post. In short, an user will know where to go next and it’ll now be easy for him to find his own path.

Next in line (and the most important part) is the Mashable Velocity, a viral prediction technology. When the “revamped” Mashable was launched in December 2012, it was placed on top of an algorithm known as Velocity.


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Now what did Velocity do?

Velocity used to search the world of web, and collect an enormous amount of data about how people are engaging with published posts. Once the data was collected, it was all dumped in the productive engine of Mashable. Then. Velocity used to forecast which posts were about to go viral. Simply put, it is Velocity decided which posts to promote and where to display them on a page.

Similarly, the Mashable app will alert the users just before a post in Mashable is about to become piping hot. So you’ll be able to know what everyone is talking about before they start talking about it! Now isn’t it some amazing news for people who always love to stay ahead of the curve?

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