Thursday, October 21, 2021
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The New App ‘Transcend’ Tracks Brainwaves for Improved Focus

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Mobile Apps are the new big thing in the tech market. Users are just pouncing on every new App as soon as it surfaces. So, this time you get a chance to have something that will help you to relax. People in their sixties say, gadgets are killing, making life stressful. We beg to differ. The new ‘Transcend’ app will guide you through a calming experience of meditation and give you a peaceful mind.

Transcend app utilities the brain waves to guide the user through a meditating process. Transcend, created by a Canadian company by the name Personal Neuro Devices that created this marvelous product links a headset to the smartphone. The headset records all the electrical activities keeping with the meditation process.

According to Chad Veinotte, the director of the company that has created this amazing new app, it will react to the activities of the brain in the same manner while practicing meditation as a part of secular practice or as a part of some spiritual practice in the same manner. All it records is the brain wave during the practices.

This product has only been launched a month back and is expected to become a rage pretty soon. The user can enjoy a guided audio meditation. He selects the span of meditation himself.As the quality of meditation gets better, a candle graphic present in the app starts growing brighter. This is only determined by the brainwaves for indicating concentration or relaxation of brain. The app has a graph to show the exact intensity of meditation during the entire session. Veinotte says, you get a chance to have a vivid picture of what exactly is going on in your mind during the practice.

According to Veinotte, the headsets have other utilizations like, focus and concentration game. It has different computer interfaces related to brain they are expected to become extremely popular like the fitness apps for tracking speed and distance. In the coming days, this headset is expected to become more shrinked and lighter. The manufacturers are aiming at making it an everyday device that can be worn regularly.

The Android version of the app is already available and an iPhone version will be out soon. This is aiming at exploring a new way of focusing on what is going on inside your mind.