Thursday, October 21, 2021
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The New Smooth Drop Down of Amazon Can Increase Sale

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Intuitively designed websites will grab your attention. The transition between the reader’s thought process and the site remains smooth and seamless. The Amazon’s new smooth drop down menu is just like that. You do not give any special attention to the amazing feature in the beginning. But later on, the amazing smoothness of the menu is surely going to get you smitten.

Drop down menu of the websites are very much like kitchen cabinets. How easily you get information by clicking on them has a deep impact on how many products the buyer will add to his cart. So, the new smooth drop down is surely going to determine future sale.

In normal cases, the drop-downs take a little time to get opened after moving the cursor over them. The new menu of Amazon does not let you waste any time before you get your shopping cart ready for shopping. This also increase the probability of more sale for them. The tracking of different tabs might get a bit like the game of hide and seek in this way. But, the digital friendly world is surely going to embrace it wholeheartedly.

The main drop-down to the sub-menus of Amazon does not have this delay. Ben Kamen, the lead developer at the Khan Academy tried to break down the principles behind this amazing smoothness of it. According to him, the design of this Seattle based retail giant’s website can predict the movement of the mouse. This is called, “directional menu aiming”. In this method, the site keeps guessing what the next target of your cursor will be. This plays the trick of taking you to the destination in no time.