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The Next Two iPhones Have Already Got Designed Under Jobs

Apple is ready with its next two iPhones. But, both of them got created even before the new CEO Tim Cook was appointed to his post. Recently, the district Attorney of San Francisco, George Gascon discovered it during his conversation with the government liaison in Apple, Michael Foulkes.

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Gascon’s conversation with Foulkes was aimed at creating a “kill switch” in the next versions of iPhones. The purpose behind such a switch will be to shut the iPhone down remotely for putting a check to the theft of iPhones in the district. The government liaison informed him that it is not possible as the next two versions of iPhones have already been developed when Steve Jobs was still at the top position of the company.

The design and the concept of these two versions were already there when Cook took over as the CEO of Apple. So, it is difficult to make further changes to the existing designs. Presumably, the next models will be named iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. Gascon wanted an added feature to the upcoming models that iPads and iPhones can be disabled after they are lost. According to the District attorney, if the device can be disabled remotely after theft, then owners can ensure that their data is safeguarded from misuse.

Gascon’s endeavor was not only aimed at reducing iPhone theft, but also the reduction of other crimes related to iPhones. Last year, one iPhone was found to be instrumental in half of the robberies that happened in San Francisco. Such crimes in which the stolen iPhones are being used, can be controlled to a considerable rate by the addition of a kill-switch.

The meeting with Foulkes could not make the DA extremely optimistic about adding the kill-switch technology, at least to the next two iPhones.

Currently, iPhones have the feature to lock and wipe out important information remotely for avoiding any sort of data theft. But right now Apple is doubtful about installing technologies that can disable the device permanently.

Apple has a limited warranty of one year for all its products. Customers can extend it further by purchasing AppleCare protection. There might be enough reason for Apple to disagree on disabling its phone completely with one switch. The moment such a feature is added, the expensive insurance policies of AppleCare will become ineffective. So, why should the company cause its own loss by adding a feature like kill-switch?