The World’s Smallest Mobile Charger Comes With An Emergency Backup

Makers of the world’s smallest cellphone charger claim to provide users with an additional service- an additional energy back-up when there is little charge left. Known as the Fuel Micro Charger, this device can provide users with an additional talk time of about 30 minutes, or even back-up for a few hours if the device is kept on the standby mode.

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Officials of Devotec Industries of Massachusetts, the creators of this device, say that it is perfect for unprecedented usage, like making emergency calls, or sending urgent messages and emails, or perhaps even using the GPS for finding the particular location.

For using this charger, users need to switch on the switch marked for Power, and then plug it into the device. The charging will start automatically.

The dimensions of this device are 0.5 inches by 0.9 inches by 1.3 inches. The Fuel Charger can be attached to a keyring, or even comfortably placed in the pocket of denims and trousers.

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