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This E-bookstore Allows You To Read First, And Pay Later

Tool Box, an app-based system with a web interface, developed by Israel-based businessman Yoav Lorch, allows users to first read the book and pay later. It lets users to sample e-books, single pages and chapters without paying the full price for the book.

Android tablets have an app in support of Tool Box which allows easy registration. After signing up, users will receive $2 as book-buying credit. Following this, they can download books from the catalog. Tool Box also allows registered members to browse the ‘book “play lists”’ of other users and customize them by simply tapping on them.

The upper cap of downloading e-books is restricted to 10,000 presently, because only some small publishers like Chicago-based Source books and F+W Media have signed for this platform. There are ongoing talks with Penguin publishers also, a deal that would encourage other publishing houses to opt for Tool Box.

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You can flip through the book from cover to cover after downloading it. Only if users stay on a page for more than six seconds, a time span in which, Lorch argues, a significant portion of the book can be read will the readers be charged.

Therefore, after reading ten pages of a hundred paged book priced at $100, the user will be charged $1. Neither the pages nor chapters that users read are required to be consecutive. With the exhaustion of initial book-reading credit, extra credit may be purchased using credit cards.

There is a clear advantage for the consumer. Tool Box offers a virtual experience of visiting a book store. Tool Boox’s system of browsing is also less restrictive when compared to Amazon, as the latter only allows a free sampling of the book’s first chapter to visitors.

This software also makes it easier for students and academicians to access relevant parts of a book instead of having to browse and read through the entire text. Universities that host on-line journal libraries can also use this software to save on finances.

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