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Top 10 Free Photo Apps For Android

There is no need for camera apps since your Android has them, so why do people have them? They have them because they offer you other options and functions both when you have taken your photo and when you are taking your photo. Photo editing can be difficult to do on Android devices if you don’t have the right app so here is our list of the top photo apps for android.

1. Photo Apps For Android – Camera Fun Pro

Among the various photo apps for android, this app allows you to warp your pictures and change them. As you will see from the images on the Google play page, you can turn your portrait into a pencil drawing, or you can warp the way your face looks so that it looks as if you are in a hall of crazy mirrors. It allows you to play with the images using the pre-set editing and warping tools.

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2. Photo Apps For Android-  Photo Grid – Collage Maker

This is a great little tool among mant other photo apps for android that does just as the name suggests. It allows you to collect together your images and create a photo-grid. It allows you to make collages of your photos.

3. Photo Apps For Android- GIF Camera

This is an app that takes a video of a scene and then cuts it up into GIF images which it then animates (renders) for you. A bit different from other photo apps for android, this allows you to make your own GIF images that are animated. You can control the cutoff points and the frame rates. It also has nice functions for sharing your GIF images online. It is clever in how it turns what is essentially video into GIF animation.

4. Photo Apps For Android – Flickr

Among other photo apps for android, this is a very popular app that has popular edition tools that allow you to edit your image and then put it online with the rest of your images. If you look through the Flickr profiles of people online then there may be something in it. There are quite a few profiles that have very good pictures uploaded to them. It is still said that the website gives you a massive terabyte of space to put your photos which is surely more than any normal person could use in a lifetime.

5. Photo Apps For Android – Camera MX

It only really has most of the standard camera tools. In essence it is more of an alternative to the current Android phone camera as oppose to something that automatically replaces the current photo taking software. It has a few themes and frames you can try on the app too that are different from the sort you get with your standard Android camera software.

6. Photo Apps For Android – Otaku Camera

It allows you to add a Japanese feel to your images. It has filters that you may lay over the image in order to create a Japanese anime feel to it. You can also download other filters and themes to try on your images. The Japanese sounding name gives away its general theme a little. Many people like how you may add speech bubbles over the images so that you can make funny images. You may then share your images online with other people.

7. Photo Apps For Android – Cymera

This is very good at taking pictures of faces. It picks out the details of a face before it takes the photo. It then processes the focus so that it takes a very good shot of a face. It has filters you can play with and further functions for taking pictures of multiple people or just one person. It is very popular at the moment because it allows people to take rather pretty shots of themselves.

8. Photo Apps For Android – Camera360 Ultimate

This is a very popular Android app because it gives you a number of filters and allows you to take the photo and then add the filters afterward. Lots of people feel that this app offers enough of a package that they do not need to go out and buy an app for their camera because this offers all of the filters they need.

9. Photo Apps For Android – LINE Camera

This tool has photo editing tools and it comes with frames, filters and stamps for you to play with. It’s editing tools means that you are able to make delicate changes to your image or make big sweeping changes to your images. It means you can change your photos to your suiting and it allows you to do numerous post-shot editing functions.

10. Photo Apps For Android – QuickPic

This app is very clever for the fact it allows you to list hundreds of images in a very short space of time. It is a lightweight app that works very quickly, and that is one of the things that most people like about it. It is actually quick in how it works, which means people may view their images within moments of taking and uploading them.


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