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Top 4 Digital Health Gadgets For Keeping Yourself Fit

Who does not love staying healthy and fit! Staying health conscious is not a new trend and a number of gadgets and technologies are already available to help one keep control of his/her daily diet and activities. However, a lot of devices are there that may have promised you one health benefit, but actually turn out to be rather dumb in the end.

A recent trend to be found among manufacturers is a shift from digital scales and pedometers to building smart gadgets that can be connected to devices for addressing health and wellness. And they work smarter than before. Let’s have a look at some of these latest gadgets:

Top New Gadgets For Improving Your Health


#1- The Gymwatch


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There was a time when people needed to strap down ‘garage door opener’ size gadgets on their triceps to help count their calorie burns. With Gymwatch, you can not only feel your calories burn, but it also helps you detect any exercise that you are performing the wrong way. This $119 motion tracker reads your movement data to understand whether your exercises are half hearted or solid rep. You can also pair it up with a smartphone application to get audio feedbacks.

#2- Healbe GoBe


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It is not just an activity tracker. The ‘wrist-worn’ device can automatically measure the amount of your calorie intake, without you having to note it down. This $299 wrist band gadget can measure up the glucose present in your cell, by using advanced sensors that can penetrate through your skin and count down your calories. You can pair that up with an accelerometer or a heart rate monitor and keep a track of your stress and hydration level, the amount of calories you have consumed as well as burned, and the total time spent in sleep.

#3- MyBrain Melomind


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This gadget is said to relieve the wearer of any kind of stress. You can connect this gadget to a smartphone application via Bluetooth. It is reported that the gadget can put your mind at rest for fifteen minutes. The system has a market price of $299 and can provide relaxation by creating music based on your brain activity.

#4- Withings Activite Pop


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This $150 smart watch is designed to track time first and the activity that is in process. It comes packed up with a battery having a longevity of eight months, and a Bluetooth connection. The watch has an analog dial that shows you how active you have been, at a glance. It is accompanied with a supported smartphone app that dives deeper into your fitness stats.


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