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Top 5 BlackBerry Apps

BlackBerry Apps

Here is a quick list of Top 5 BlackBerry Apps

With the help of BlackBerry smart phones you can not only make calls but also work with e-mail and other official requirements. These devices are actively developing now in multimedia direction. In this post we will look through the best BlackBerry apps both for relaxation and business.

BlackBerry Protect

Smart phones RIM BlackBerry protect data, which you transfer through links (all e-mail letters, calls) but for better level of security you will have to be able to control your phone in case of its loss. For this purpose there is an app “BlackBerry Protect”. It is free.

This is a complex system “antitheft”. If you use it, it is possible to save data (phonebook, calendar, notes, tasks, browser bookmarks and messages) in regularly creating full or incremental backups on the service’s site, it is possible to make a remote restoration of the information on a new smart phone. Besides this, BlackBerry Protect supports searching of the lost device (it shows its location on the map and turns on a siren with a message on screen about device return.

BlackBerry Apps

Documents to Go Premium

BlackBerry smart phones are used not only for communication through e-mail, but for work with office tasks, for example, editing text or table documents or watching presentations. For this purpose you may use set of programs “DocumentsToGo”.

It allows opening and editing files in the MS Office format, including presentation in PowerPoint. You may also open PDF-files and BMP/JPEG.  Text-based editor is able to show tables; there you can add notes, reviews, color comments into different colors and the full set for text formatting. Table editor can work with formulae, auto filling of cells and supports basic functions of diagrams inserting.

BlackBerry Apps

Follow up Reminder

Business communication often knows no boundaries, time zones, countries and even deadlines. That’s why there are situations when important calls are irrelevant (the person you call up is resting, sleeping, at the meeting or on way. In order not to violate the business etiquette you can download the app “Follow up Reminder”. It helps to plan calls, and do not let you to call your partner up in his day-off or at night.

Battery Watch

Any mobile phone functions some limited time without recharge. Of course, you can know about its discharge time only approximately (it depends on your phone using style). Though apps for checking up the battery state and outputting the information about it are there for RIM BlackBerry too. I mean “Battery Watch” which can output information about the remaining charge, voltage and charging status. Besides this, the app integrates into the system interface and outputs the information to the interactive indicator.

TuneIn Radio

At the BlackBerry smart phones it is possible to listen internet transmissions of music and radio transmissions. For this purpose you have to install the app “TuneIn Radio” BlackBerry Appswhich gives an access to the catalogue of 50 thousand of radio stations, podcasts and recorded radio transmissions. You can use this service through Wi-Fi and 3G.


So we have looked through only 5 the most popular programs for Rim BlackBerry. In fact there are a lot of them and in the online shop “BlackBerry App World” you will see all of them for every type of smart phones.

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