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Top 6 Technologies Anticipated To Release In 2015

 Unless you are a PC gamer, 2015 is once again a good year for gadget addicts and gamers to look forward as companies once again bring you plenty of new innovations you could look into. While some names like OLED technology, Quantum Dot, etc. have already made their way , here is a list of some technologies that are expected to appear this year in the market:

6 Innovations Expected To Hit 2015 In The Coming Months


#1 – Smart Watch From Apple

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We have seen a number of smart watches coming out from notable brands like LG, Sony, Samsung, Motorola. Some of the popular names include Motorola’s Moto 360 and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. However, what comes as the most awaited smart watch of the year is the Apple Watch. The collection will have three different editions that are available in six style options. Gear up to be ready when it hits the store this Spring.

#2- Virtual Gadget Oculus Rift

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After years of hype, we can finally get to see the much talked about virtual gaming gadget hit the store. Yes, you are right. This is the Oculus Rift that is being spoken of here. Get the real experience of being in the world of virtual reality, without feeling motion sickness.

#3- Wi-fi Enabled Kettle By Smarter

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Have you ever thought about brewing your coffee while you still lay in bed, early in the morning? Well, now can imagine that too. Smarter, a British manufacturing industry brings you a wi-fi enabled kettle that consists of a built-in grinder. A great time saver, now you can imagine getting a chance to make a cup of tea/coffee for yourself even within a hectic work schedule. Get ready for the kettle to arrive soon.

#4 – Nokia Lumia 2020 PureView

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After the Nokia Lumia 1020 PureView, users will now get to use the 8.1 software Microsoft platform, with the new model Nokia Lumia 2020 PureView. An interesting feature that made the previous model so popular was the stunning 41 MP Carl Zeiuss camera. This year, the camera quality is an important to focus on as we wait for the model to arrive.

#5 – Galaxy S6 From Samsung

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Code named as ‘Zero’, the new Samsung S6 that is destined to arrive soon this year, will be a major upgrade compared to the other Galaxy models. Though very little is known about what new features the new Galaxy S6 will carry, the latest rumor is that the Samsung team is working on its design from ground level. Hence, the code name ‘Zero’!

#6 – The One Plus Two

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The release of the Chinese smartphone received a huge buzz last year. In fact, even smartphone makers did not anticipate the response they would receive from it. So, what is the buzz all about? The Android device comes with features mainly found in top brand models like Samsung Galaxy S5. However, the main eye turning feature is its price – $350 only. Yes, you are seeing right. But, you can only get to buy it when you personally receive an invitation sent by the company. Yes, that is what makes it more insanely popular.

Everyone is now eying the second model that the company is set to launch this year, and the new buzz is – the new model will be customizable and will feature a smaller screen size of 5.2 inch.

If 2014 was promising indeed, then 2015 is looking even more promising for all the gadget and technology nerds. After reading this, it is expected that you are becoming even more anxious to know about the exact date of arrival of some of these coolest gadgets, but fret not! Be calm and patient as you watch the year to unfold itself with new surprises from the world of technology and innovation.


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