Monday, September 27, 2021
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Twitter Launches Its New Social-Video Sharing App Called Vine

On Thursday, Twitter launched its latest video-sharing app named Vine, that allows users to upload and share 6-second broadcasting clips.


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Currently devised for Apple Smartphones and Touchpads, these stop-motion videos allow users to upload as many frames as they can include in 6-second clip. The video starts and stops by a simple touch on the screen. Following this, the final product can be shared on Vine, and if you choose, with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

This service has its own drawbacks. Uploading videos is a time-consuming task. Also the sound gets chopped if the clip is recorded in a busy and noise area.

Much like Facebook’s Instagram, Vine users can upload prerecorded video snippets to a committed stream within the Vine app itself. They can also embed it in their tweets.

Originally an independent establishment, Vine was acquired by Twitter when the latter realized the potential profits that might be earned by challenging Instagram and various other visual media services.

Co-Founder Dom Hofmann stated in a blog-post that the aim of Vine is to make it easier to broadcast information and be creative with self expression. Like the 140 character limit of tweets, the videos are also limited to 6 seconds to keep intact the element of quirkiness.

Vine can be downloaded for free on Apple iPhones and an update for Android apps can be expected soon.