Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Ubuntu To Launch Phones Sooner Than Expected

Linux’s operating system Ubuntu, which runs on different corporate servers at present will launch its own brand of smartphones by October this year. Developers will be allowed to access the OS(operating system) of the mobile phone by late February.

Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical’s CEO, a company providing services to corporates using Ubuntu software, had announced previously that his company was all set to incorporate Ubuntu in cell phone softwares, and had set a target of early 2014.In an interview to Wall Street Journal, Shuttleworth retracted on his previous statement, and said that the phone versions would be rolled out in October.

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The obvious question, then, is this- with cell phone Operating Systems like Windows Phone and Blackberry being available and successful, how much can a new OS prosper? Shuttleworth says that Ubuntu phones can successfully solve problems, allowing users to stream corporate softwares and Windows desktop applications to their handsets and also boot their desktops at their workstations.

These features could make the Ubuntu handset extremely attractive to corporate professionals who use this particular OS both for their desktop and back-end. For those companies that are very particular about maintaining the security of their data, Ubuntu might yield better results than Blackberry.


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Ubuntu is, however, not the only software company trying to win a niche position in the competitive arena of mobile Operating Systems, as there are other challengers too. Mozilla’s Firefox OS and Samsung backed Tizen OS also offer tough competition to Ubuntu.