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Ways to Initiate a Successful Marketing Campaign using QR Code

You might have surely seen people using their smartphones to scan two-dimensional bar codes. You might have wondered what’s the mystery behind these strange codes! Take for example that you are passing by a restaurant in the morning. You have a date tonight, and by the looks of it, you feel that this restaurant is the ideal place. But you are in a hurry and do not have the time to step inside, look at the menu or know about the special discounts. What do you do then? Simple! Just scan the code hanging outside the door by using your smartphone. Once the scan is complete, you’ll get to know everything you want to know about the restaurant.


This code is known as the QR (Quick Response) code, and is a perfect tool for marketers to present meaningful and useful experiences to the customers. So, how to use it to its full potential? Although only a handful strategies exist, I’ve accumulated the best tips to help businesses use them efficiently.

Define the Purpose

QR codes are not just about marketing, they need to have great utility. Customer engagement depends a lot on the utility of the QR code. Therefore, you need to figure out what you want your customers to see when they scan the code. The QR code might have your contact information, photo catalog of your products, instructional video, loyalty rewards or special offers. Keep your goals in mind. The purpose of the code should depend on them.

Call to Action

The QR code is the doorway to your business, and all you have to show customers what’s behind it. Adding a catchy call to action next to the code, like “Scan the code to avail special discounts”, is bound to bring high scan rates. Most importantly, be truthful about the promises made. If you stick by your call to action, it’ll increase interaction, trust, and of course the overall return.

Design and Usability

Rather than the regular black-and-white QR codes, opt for a designer QR code. This code will look better and belong exclusively to your brand. Another important factor to consider is the landing page. Most businesses direct users to their official websites. You can do this too, provided you match two criteria. Firstly, customers should find everything they are looking for. Secondly, your website has been designed by responsive web designing tools.

Engagement Time

It’s not just about the number of times your code is being scanned, but the amount of time people are spending on the link generated by the code. If it is more than 3 minutes per scan, consider your QR code campaign to be a success. In order to achieve this, contents should be kept fresh and up-to-date, and incentives should be frequent. And make sure that the QR code is displayed in a places which have maximum traffic (doorway, retail window, cash counter, etc.).

Experimental, purposeful and imaginative – these three qualities should be brought together in order to have a super-successful marketing campaign using the QR code. And if used to its fullest potential, it’s a guarantee that your business as well as your customers will reap rich rewards.

Jackson Jennifer
Jennifer Jackson has always been intrigued by the world of technology. She is a computer programmer by profession, and is also a frequent contributor to technology-related blog sites.