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We answer your questions about web hosting

We answer your questions about web hosting


Many people give a blank stare when you start talking about the technical aspects of the internet. And yet, in today’s business world being online is the only way to succeed. Setting your business up online is touted as an easy task. However, most small to medium business owners don’t have the time, inclination or technical expertise to secure their online business infrastructure.

Here are a few guidelines that answer the most pertinent questions about hosting, storage and online business infrastructure.

What is web hosting exactly?

Essentially web hosting is where your website is stored. So all of your HTML, documents, videos and images are stored in your web host. Companies that offer this service are commonly referred to as a web hosting company. They rent their computers and servers to you for the storing of your website. They also provide you with internet connectivity so you may allow different computers access to the files on your website.

The difference between a web hosting service and a data centre?

Web hosting service is the company that rents out server space to you whereas a data centre is the actual brick and mortar facility that houses the servers. A data centre is a literal room that has backup power supplies, communications connections, environmental controls and security.

Yes, you do get different types of web hosting

There are three web hosting options available to you which are the most popular. These are namely: Virtual Private Server (VPS), dedicated and cloud based hosting. The differences between these options are the amount of storage offered, the control of your data, the server speed and reliability of connectivity and the level of requirement in technical knowledge.

  1. VPS hosting is when a server is divided into virtual servers. Each website is hosted on their own dedicated virtual server but they all share one actual server which has been split.
  2. Dedicated hosting server providers offer the most control over your website. It’s an exclusive rental of the entire server and you won’t ever have to share.
  3. Cloud hosting is a team of servers that work in conjunction with each other to host a group of websites. Because there are a number of computers working together they can handle high traffic easily on one site with no affect on the other sites in the shared cloud.

Where’s the first place to start?

If you’re looking to take your business online you need to first register your domain. This the name of your website and if you choose a superb hosting company to handle your migration to online they’ll run through the domain check .

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