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Which is better – Google Keep or Evernote?

Google Keep, Google’s answer to Evernote, is finally out to play the big game. The Evernote app has been the reigning champion and Google’s previous attempt to overtake it by launching the Notebook app couldn’t just quite make it. Google Keep, however, bears close resemblance to Evernote, and centers on creating notes, checklists or notebooks and managing them. You will get to know pretty soon whether it can prove to be a tough competition for Evernote in the long run or not, but for now let us look at how these two apps perform in a quick face-off:

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1. Compatibility:

Evernote is compatible with BlackBerry, Android, Apple and Windows phones. It works well in Android devices which run on Android 1.6 or above versions. Google Keep is accessible in Android phones which run on Ice Cream Sandwich. But the app is designed to work at its best on the Jelly Bean platform. This is a bad news for users who use iOS or lower versions of Android.

2. Features:

Google Keep does not offer anything out-of-the-box. The features are more or less similar to what Evernote has dedicatedly been providing. Like Evernote, Google Keep also has an easy procedure of adding notes and images, and creating and editing the checklists. You also get to view them in list or snippet format. However, Google Keep does not feature any tagging or categorizing ability; but instead it does a good job by introducing the feature of assigning colors to notes and checklists and differentiating them by the color schemes.

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3. Interface:

Google Keep keeps it simple. The interface is limited but it is neat and has sufficient options. There is a small row of options available. Once you create a note, it will be appearing on the homepage. You can view them using the List or the Snippet form. In the Snippet form, you have the option to choose between single-column and multi-column views.

4. Syncing:

Evernote is equally compatible in PC, Mac and mobile devices. Users can easily manage the notes and lists using any of these platforms. As stated earlier, Google Keep is not compatible everywhere and those looking to manage from the desktop need to use Google Drive. It should also be pointed out that free upload is limited in Evernote. Users need to shift to its Premium Service if the upload exceeds 60 MB in a month. However with Google Drive managing Google Keep, monthly upload is (presumably) unlimited as long as there is adequate space in the drive.

By the looks of it, Evernote looks like the winner. But considering Google Keep has just been launched, there might be some additions made by Google in future to take it to the next level.

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