Monday, September 27, 2021
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White House’s Green Button to Liberate Your Energy Data

We are very close to monitoring easy home energy due to the government initiative to permit consumers direct access to their data of energy consumption. The new Green Button discovered by The White House gives way to utilities to standardize and simplify sharing usage statistics with the customers in just a single click.

The two major California providers, San Diego Gas and Electric and Pacific Gas & Electric have added the Green Button to their websites. Customers can click the button to download their personal usage information. Within the next year other utility companies in other regions are going to implement it. Federal officials hope this category of data liberation will encourage the developers to build apps and services that will aid customers track and reduce their energy consumption.

After the success of the Blue Button initiative that allowed the veterans to access their health care data instantly, the government was inspired by the Green Button. The interesting aspect is not in the single click download but what can be done after downloading.


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